About Democratic Dashboard

Democratic Dashboard is a project established by the Democratic Audit, based in the London School of Economics. Our aim is to promote engagement in the electoral process by making an array of information on elections and constituencies more accessible than previously. The UK has the lowest rate of electoral participation by young people in the OECD, and we hope to play a part in using the digital environment to spread engagement.

Who we are

Carl Cullinane
Research Manager and Project Lead
Patrick Dunleavy
Chair of LSE Public Policy Group
Kenneth Bunker
Research Assistant
Nick Bason
Communications Advisor


What does the Democratic Dashboard do?

The Democratic Dashboard brings together a wide range of data to provide easy-to-understand information about UK elections in local areas. At the moment we’re focusing on the UK-wide elections on 5th May, providing local information for the following:

  • Parliamentary and Assembly elections in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and London.
  • Mayoral elections in London, Liverpool, Bristol and Salford
  • Police and crime commissioner elections
  • English Local Council elections

After the UK elections in May 2016, the Dashboard will be updated with all the results. It will act as a stable resource of accessible information for future UK elections in the coming years. To keep updated with everything new on the site, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

How does the Dashboard work?

Using the Dashboard is easy. Simply put your postcode or area into the search box on the home page, and you will instantly get information on the upcoming elections, candidates and political make-up of your area. If you want to look at a different area, simply search again or drop the pin to another place on the map. [The Dashboard uses a range of datasets and analysis from the Democratic Audit team, based in the London School of Economics and Political Science. ]

Why was the Dashboard created?

The Dashboard was created to make it easier for people to quickly find out about their local elections and candidates on their mobile, tablet or computer. This information has never been kept in one easy-to-access place before. We hope to play a part in using the digital environment to help connect people with their local democratic process again by filling the significant information gap.

The UK has the lowest rate of electoral participation by young people in the OECD, yet evidence shows that if people do vote at their first opportunity, they are likely to continue to vote throughout their lives. We hope the Dashboard will help engage and empower the digital generation to make a difference through the ballot box.

Who runs the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is run by a team in the Democratic Audit unit at the London School of Economics. You can find contact information for the team below.

Are you affiliated with or funded by any political party or organisation?

No. The Democratic Audit, who produce the Dashboard, are an independent research organisation based in the London School of Economics. The Dashboard is politically neutral. We do not currently, and have never in the past, received any funding from political parties or organisations.

How do I know I can trust the information you are providing?

The information used on the Dashboard has been put together by a team of researchers and election experts in the Democratic Audit unit. We have robust processes for collecting and checking our data.

If you believe any piece of information in the Dashboard is incorrect, please contact the team.

What data is included and how it is used?

We have spent the last two years collecting a huge range of data on UK democracy from a variety of sources, including the Electoral Commission, the Office for National Statistics, the House of Commons Library, the Greater London Authority, Electoral Office of Northern Ireland, Scottish Government, along with the work of other academics. Our data is everywhere, spread across dozens of sources, but we pull it all together into one resource. We will also shortly be making our datasets available for use by researchers, journalists and anyone interested in elections.

I would like to use some of your data for news coverage, on my blog or in my report. Can I?

Yes, but please let us know you are doing it and give us a credit. The Dashboard was set up to increase access to election information, so we’re happy for anyone to use our stats or our datasets. Please contact us to let us know what you would like to use.

It’s really helpful for us if we can track the reach of the Dashboard and what impact it is having, so please do link back to the site and let us know if you use our information.

I still have questions, how can I find out more?

The Dashboard team are very happy to discuss the Dashboard and answer any questions. Please contact either Nick Bason or Carl Cullinane and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.