Police and Crime Commissioners: The forgotten elections

03 May 2016 | Elections

On May 5, England and Wales will elect police and crime commissioners (PCCs) for the second time, though you may not know about them. Dr Kenneth Bunker looks at what are these elections about, who is in the race, and who might be the winners and losers.

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London 2016: What factors will decide who becomes the new mayor?

29 April 2016 | Elections

In advance of the 5 May elections for the office of London Mayor and the London Assembly, Tony Travers and Martin Rogers analyse the issues which may influence the outcome, how demographic change may affect the result and which Assembly constituencies may change hands.

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England’s 2016 local elections: What are the key contests for each party?

07 April 2016 | Elections

England goes to the polls on 5 May to vote in a variety of elections. Tony Travers and Martin Rogers highlight a number of key contests for each party.

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